Friday, December 09, 2005

D.C. and Vegas Part Deux.

So the weather outside is not frightful and the Residence Inn is delightful. And if you've no place to go, stay in your room and drink CC and water.
Here are today's pics, Vegas Part II at the bottom
Some house in Washington.

Washington monument eclipse.

The Constitutes were all over the place and dressed all trashy.

Christine staring at colors.

Luke tossing up the infamous "peace" symbol. Very big statue. Can you spot the security guard in this photo?

Moon and Capital. Prints are available for $46.

Christine kissed this guy playing chess.

National Archives wasn't open. So I huffed and puffed and blew the door down.

So here are the rest of the Vegas pictures. I know. They are fun. It was fun. Fun.
The Venetian. The place where they make blinds.

New York, New York at 3 in the morning, more bets. Best voice/dealer in Vegas.

Luke and some guy from a show Chris knew called, RockStar INXS. No idea.
By far my favorite picture of the trip. Here is T.J. Cloutier and I at the Bellagio. He called me son the whole time and was awesome.

A bagillion quarters. My pockets jingled.

Hot babes.

He had left the building.

Free Guinness at the Flamingo por la calle.

The Brothers' Hicks and huge balls. En Bellagio.

Favorite place, favorite head. Yes I do have a mint container shaped like the casino.

Definitely a what the fuck?

Matt with smallest entree ever.

Luke/Matt outside show, after free buffet. Thanks Steve Wynn and roulette table for comp.

Unfocused unsolicited illegal picture taken during the show. Water jumps, people flying, people in the audience. Great spectacle. Thank you roulette for allowing me to have money to go to this show.

This is another piece of art I had the pleasure of seeing recently. This piece had a lot to do with my Vegas trip. This piece is from the private collection of Steve Wynn, at the Wynn Casino Gallery, a very well-spent $6. Along with countelss Monet's, Rembrandt's and Picasso's, this painting is very significant. An entire show is based on this painting and I had the pleasure of seeing the show on my last night in Vegas. Some pitures above.

Another wicked piece of art I have seen recently, this one at the National Museum of Art in D.C. Saw this along with countless Miro's, Picasso's, and Warhol's.
Jackson Pollock, Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist), 1950, National Gallery of Art, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund, 1976.37.1

Funny news women-

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