Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2007, Welcome!

Welcome friends, amigos, chicos, hombres, homies, buddies and Mom.
3 things you need to know about 2007.

1) My resolution is to do a triathlon.

2)The fist pound is gone (see below), if anyone offers the fist pound, tell them, "No" Now you are saying to yourself, "Luke, what should we do instead of the fist pound?" Well mis amigos, it's time to bring back the double low-five.

Not this.

Kind of like this.

Too low.

Basically one person puts their hands out palms up, the other person then gives them two (2) fives, one with each hand, simultaneously.....meeting the palm up person with their palms. This should result in a clapping sound, after slapping hands, reverse both sets of hands, then repeat. Once. Only repeat once. After this you will have an urge to say something like, Yeah or Awesome. Resist any urge to do anything else, you may want to chest bump or do more fiving, just stop. Feel good about it. Enjoy the year. Be thankful.

3) This is the year of the

Here are some final thoughts on 2006.....

Madison Square Jardin, Home of the Knicks.

Wayne Rooney was at the Knicks game. Rooney, you're so crazy!

Spike Lee, don't see him....look for the Nike's. This is my Spike Lee Joint. Ha.

Luke navigating at the Garden.

On a closing note and with all due respect......
When famous people die our country lowers the flag to half-mast/staff out of respect or mourning. We recently lost our 38th and 40th President, Mr. Gerald Ford. We then lowered the flags and remembered. We had many TV events that my Grandma watched intently, but than again, she watches Wheel of Fortune like someone is about to be killed. A real nail biter. My point being, we lost another very important figure in society. He wasn't President, he was much more than that. He was the Godfather of Soul, the Hardest Working Man in Show Bidness. Mr. James Brown. Hit me. Dunt. Dunt. Hit me. Wooo.

I got to see James Brown perform once at Summerfest and he put on the show of a lifetime. I remember it so vividly, there was an up and coming musician playing with Ben Harper that we were there to see, Mr. Jack Johnson. But what drew me to the festival, was the Godfather. As it got darker and darker and the anticipation for JB to come on stage, the weather took a turn for the worse. It started to pour. But that wasn't about to stop anyone. As the rain came down and the beer kept getting better......it was showtime. And just like that......he was on stage. I've seen many shows in my day, but James Brown took the stage like an animal. He could do this crazy stuff with his feet and sing and get soaked and run the risk of pneumonia and certain death if lighting struck all at the same time. So here's to your Mr. James Brown, I will play your music and try to dance like you, I may even have hair like you some day.

Thank you 2006 for all the memories. But most of all, thanks to this man.

You were the best dancer/dresser ever. And your hair was so money.

If anyone ever needs 7 minutes of elation, just listen to The Payback by the Godfather himself.

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