Monday, February 05, 2007

Walter Peyton is the Manning!

On the coldest night in 3 years in Indy, the Colts decide to win the Super Bowl the night before and parade around town the next day. So before McCormick's I got these.....

My Scarf : $30

My Coat: $100

Camera(Mine): $300

Camera(Tony Dungy): $600

Tony Dungy having a video of ME taking a picture of him next to the owner holding the Super Bowl XLI trophy!: Priceless!

It's a Colt float. Say that 5 times fast.

Peyton throws out the 'Thumbs Up, Luke! We did it!'

Ah Marvin, you're so crazy.

Colts on the back of the bus!
So even though I'm more of a Bears fan, this was a fun time and Colts fans are crazy. But I must note.....they are wimps. They all whine about the cold. Come was 3 degrees......

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