Friday, June 15, 2007

Rhymenoceros and the Hip-hoppopotamus

Sorry I haven't posted anything. I'm 25 now. Music is back. It's summer. Cubs are still the best team in the majors.
These Kiwis are quite hilarious. Flight of the Conchords, soon to be on HBO every night of the week. They have a 30-minute HBO special that is priceless. Kind of a watered down Tenacious D.....but funny.

This is the best DJ duo out there. Justice, pronounced Justeeeeece, are a Parisian combo that know how to spin a damn record. With hits like D.A.N.C.E and my favorite Genesis, these lads can do no wrong. I'm sure at some point Madonna will buy them out and put out a "dance" song but until that point they are greatness.

The National is like your old dog. Always there for you, knows what you are thinking, man's best friend. This band will hit the mainstream once there music gets a little less dark. But for now it is some great stuff. Lead singer has a Nick Cave sound with a real meaning behind there music. Music is back folks, in a big way.

Next band to maybe be a Nirvana.....The Aliens. Thanks Dr. A for introducing me. Just go to wikipedia and enter, The Aliens. Crazy information. Former Beta Band now equipped with an incredible sound. Rox and I Am a Robot....both rock.

Amy Winehouse. She's only 23. She is great. She has other songs besides "Rehab" She also has a ton of hair.

This is Mika. He is great. Listen to him.

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