Thursday, August 09, 2007

Radio Wave Coincidence

So as I am sitting at my desk on an eerily warm Wednesday I put my headphones on. I have my Internet radio set to Radio 1, a station out of the UK. I am just typing away and working on one of my current projects when the DJ host of the show is doing one of their regular call-in bits. As I was just minding my business, the DJ Scott Mills took a call. The woman that had called in had a really familiar voice. I thought to myself, what are the chances that I know this person that is calling in? I was 100% certain I knew who this person was. I had worked closely with her in London for 6 months and there is no mistaking her Kiwi accent. It was Roberta Thomson. It had to be. Sure enough, I got on the work Instant Messenger and sent her an IM. It was her alright.

So what are the chances that
A) You hear your friend on a local station?
B) You hear your friend on an internet radio station?
C) You hear your friend on an internet radio station halfway across the globe and live?

Well.....the story doesn't stop there. We were meeting some friends out for Happy Hour after work and were headed down the plaza. Rebecca changed the radio station from some probably-horrendous oldies song and landed on JackFM. You know, the station that "plays what they want." After a few songs they do the quick, "And we're baaaaaaaaaaaaack!" and rapidly spout, "caller number five right now wins _ tickets to ________" So Rebecca and I decide we should call in and try to win the tickets. After 3 or 4 busy signals, my line gets through and Joe DJ says,"Jack FM.....(Insert long pause). So I ask, "Am I caller 5?" in an enthusiastic voice. Sure enough, we win 2 tickets to see G-Love and Special Sauce and Ozomatli next Saturday night.

Not a bad day all in all.

Updated: I'm from Iowa and I always tell people that. No beating around the bush and saying its near Chicago or saying something about Potatoes. Nope. Not me. I'm from Iowa and if you don't think that Iowans are imporant, guess who does?

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Sebastian Burnettowak said...

Nice. I always listen to Pete Tong's weekend kickoff on Friday.