Monday, September 10, 2007

Musica Nueva por todos.

The Go! Team
These guys are ace. Do it, alright! Greatness.
Kate Nash
She is new, clean version of Lily Allen. Her song, Foundations, is addicting.
Her whole album is great. She'll hit the US radio soon enough.
Fedde le Grand
My 2nd favorite DJ, check out his hits,
Put Your Hands Up For Detroit and Let Me Think About It
Gogol Bordello
Flashy, fun, great band. And a lead singer that rocks the Mercury well.
Federico Aubele
Pure genius. Very chill music.
The Hoosiers
This is not a picture of the band but then again why should you judge a band based on one picture. The Hoosiers are really good. No song of choice, really like there overall sound.
The 1990's (the band)

These guys may not be the best looking lads in all of rock and roll but they are brilliant. Some sample should be hits include, "You Make Me Like It" - "You're Supposed To Be My Friend" and my favorite "See You At The Lights". Their motto, "We play music like a blonde gets out of a car."

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