Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wheel of Fortune - The American Dream Continues

Countdown: 15 days.
I got the call yesterday the American Dream is a reality. I'll be taping for Wheel of Fortune on the 24th of January.
About 1:30 I receive a call from the casting director that I'm to be in L.A. in 15 days and that I'll be on 1 of 6 shows that is taped that day. I'm not to wear any solid whites or solid reds, so that cancels out my Chiefs outfit and my Cincinnati Reds outfit and my Iowa City Kickers reversable t-shirt that I wore from the age of 6-11.
So I've booked a flight along with Rebecca, my fabulous wife and we're headed to LA. My Mother might make the trip also. Exciting stuff.

Just for fun I decided to Google the date, January 24th. And guess what I found.

A British psychologist claims it is the most depressing day of the year. See article.

That is about to change my friends. I will make sure to contact said British psychologist after.

To be continued.....

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