Friday, February 01, 2008

Wheel of Fortune (Part 1)

We get to California on a dreary, rainy, dreary day. Shuttle off the plane to my find my Mom waiting for us at the baggage claim and we were off. Seeing that my Mom had already called the entire state of Iowa and let them know that we had landed. Upon fetching our luggage from the carousel we are on our way to the hotel. Joining the shuttle already full of pre-teen gymnastic youngens from Canada, we are on our way.

We arrive at the Culver City Raddisson and take it easy the rest of the night. Not before one last quiz with Rebecca and my Mother.

Thursday A.M rolls around all too fast and I'm up contemplating my Wheel of Fortune fate that will arrive in just hours.

I have two thoughts;
  1. I can freeze. Simply not answer any puzzles and just hit Bankrupt and Lose A Turn in consecutive fashion.

  2. I can dominate. Hone in on the puzzle and focus completely on exaclty what I'm supposed to do. Lose the nerves and go for it.

The shuttle leave the hotel at 7:15 am promptly. After my wife wishes me the best and gives me priceless advice....I head to the lobby. I join 10-12 nerve wracked people and we discuss the days events. I meet Laura from Wisconsin and Noah from Boston. We get on the shuttle and I realize I'm the only person with coffee. Will it be my extra edge? Or is this another worthless observation I've made this morning. We arrive ten short minutes later at Sony Studios. Shuffling off the shuttle or shuttling off the shuffle. We then stand for about 10 minutes in a parking ramp while the casting agents come to sweep us away. We get on another shuttle and go to Stage 4. We drive past many people....who I'm sure are "key grips" or "gaffers" or "best boys", you get the point.

As we depart our final shuttle for the day we enter the studio. With Wheel of Fortune emblazoned everything, I know we have arrived. We arrive in the "Contestant Room" to a platter of food and beverage. Kind of a vending machine on a table setup. Seeing that it's 7:30 in the morning, I'll stick with my coffee. Once seated the paperwork begins. We are made aware that six shows will be taped this day and we'll be told which show we appear on later that morning. We first fill out a form of our basic information. The make-up artists come in to the room and introduce themselves and say they'll be helping us become more beautiful.

(More soon)


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