Thursday, March 27, 2008

St. Pat's in Iowa

St. Pat's at Barb and Mick's!
Aunt Nancy, Mom, and Aunt Mick
Grandma counting the candy. Not doing word puzzles.

London dressed up for the occasion.

Aunt Barb and Mick preparing for the party.
Beginning stages of the family shindig.

Nothing says Iowa like smoking in the garage! And playing bags!
Mack, looking tough, throwing.
London helping DJ O'Brien
London changes into her hoodie. Something warmer for the Iowa weather.
Alligator on the lake.

Prince was performing in the other room.

Guess the middle ZZ Top Guitar player......

Man, she wailed!

It's my 82 year old Grandmother Dolores!

Captain and Tenille.

Mack says, "It's been a wee long night."

Barb and Mick keep the party going "All Night Long", as long as there is Baileys for the coffee.

London after a long weekend, takes a nap.

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