Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Days of Schnoebelen (Podcast 2)

The highly anticipated 2nd edition of the Days of Schnoebelen Podcast is available for download (BELOW)
This is going to sound better than 50's accordion.
Click the little grey box with the black arrow next to the link to just play the podcast.
It might take a while to buffer, so be patient.
Or just download it, put it on your iPod and look cool.
Please e-mail me at if you'd like to be notified of a new podcast.


Kevin Newman said...

Schnoebelen, your techy prowess continues to impress me.

Girl Talk was a huge hit among the Compass peeps btw.

Michael said...

That bandwagon article was funny. So is Ryan Theriot's name pronounced Terry-O? I am still cheering for my barely-over-.500 Rangers, but I am thinking of joining the Cubs' bandwagon. You know, my dad lives in Chicago last I heard, and I have been a fan of them since I was in my mom's womb, and she was watching WGN on cable in 1974...