Monday, July 21, 2008

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And Tomato Juice.

Why is it that when you are on a plane and sitting in coach that you automatically feel cramped? Unless the captain says you can take off your seatbelt and recline 3 inches. Then you are in a world of comfort. By the way, what happened to the phones that used to be in the seats in front of you? Why is it that the only time in my life that I enjoy plain tomato juice is on a plane and why does it feel like I’m doing something bad that feels good by drinking it? People need to start to realize that jamming a ton of stuff in the top half of your carry on does not still mean it will fit in the overhead bin. Here's to you Mr. PocketchangethroughSecurity Guy

Podcast the 3rd is in the works.

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NjordWind said...

So this post is like 6 months old, but seriously. No one drinks tomato juice, ever, except people sitting next to me on planes. So I tried it once and it's true, airline tomato juice is better than children's tears. Spread the word.