Saturday, January 03, 2009

Peace out 2008.

2008 Thank you.

Thanks for the music.  These songs in particular but in no particular order.

1 - Feed the Animals (Album) - Girl Talk

2 - Wire to Wire - Razorlight

3 - A-Punk  - Vampire Weekend

4 - Great DJ - Ting Tings

5 - All MIA

6 - A-Trak - All of your remixes

7 - The Jimmy Choo's - Chester French

2008 laughs - 

I owe some good laughs to some people as well.  Primarily to Peter Knerr for the Bernadette anthem at Smith's in Atlanta.  Pool cue microphones are the best.

2008 in general was a great year.  I look forward this year with much anticipation.

Cheers all.  I'll be a better blogger in 09.

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David-Andrew W said...

Yo Luke-
Glad to know that you're down with our song, The Jimmy Choo's. Hope you've had happy holidays!

Michael said...

08 was great, let's make 09 so fine. "Unbreak My Heart" into the pool cue mic is a good memory.