Monday, July 10, 2006


The Umbrella Fiasco by Luke Schnoebelen

A fine summer's day at the City festival in Budapest, Hungary. We got food, sat down and watched some Hungarian band begin to play. Little did we know that the band wouldn't be providing the enjoyment. But an umbrella. This fiasco would go on for 30 minutes, until Budapest finally gave in. Below are the events that followed. This first picture is right after the wind took it out.

Klotz says, "Let's spread it out on the ground."

Klotz gives up. It's broken.

Klotz trying to help. Again.


Now this is just crap.

This guy does not know where the action is.

Nobody wants to help.

They were doing the home/away bat hand thing.

"Honey, look at this."

Couple pose, guys look lost, umbrella does a manta ray impression.

Drive by big-wheel, umbrella not doing too well.

Dad is still feeding baby. Everyone forgets about the umbrella.

Maceo, pretending to help.

Maceo under the umbrella

Maceo can't help. Baby in stroller not amused.

Poor, poor umbrella.

Botel Lisa won the World Cup 3 times.
On a scale of 1-10 for Botels in Hungary. This is a 9 or a 10.

The jailbirds were drunk when making signs.
Luke getting all renaissance on everyone.

Most paprika ever.

Cherry baby. Neil Diamond.
Super Budamarket sweep.

Hibernating squirrels.

Always bad ass man hole covers.

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