Monday, July 24, 2006

Wimbledon/ London 10K

Queuing at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Beach Volleyball buses weren't running on Sunday.

Matches of the day.

Wimbledon is such a beautiful place. Flowers, tennis, grass.
Easiest place of all time to find where you are going......

A lovely day at Wimbledon.

Best investment of all time.

Roddick with the backhand.

Roddick close-up. Go USA!

The whole tennis ball under the skirt thing still escapes me.

A little bit of wind. Just a lil.
Good game. Time to go get our oversized bags and huge beach towels.

Ferrer goes for the Ace!

The grass courts of Wimbledon.

The Great Fred Perry.

July 2nd, Rebecca and I took part in the London 10K, it was a very warm day, but a beautiful day to take in many sites while partaking in this grandiose event. We stopped for photos with the Eye and Big Ben and still finished under an hour. We even got medals.

And they're off....

90 degree heat. 10 kilometers. Throw on the horse suit.
300,000 people.
Running by the London Eye.

Big Ben from afar.

Mid-race picture stop with Rebecca/Luke/Big Ben.

Most British onlooker, goes to this man.
Martyn eats the most sour pineapple of all time
Lebanese Cuisine. Ahhhh.

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