Monday, August 21, 2006

40th Annual Montreux Jazz Fest

Switzerland x2, went to the 40th Annual Montreux Jazz Festival, via Geneva.

Riding horses is cool, but what about riding cannons?

Some things to check when you book reservations online.
1) Location of your hostel/hotel.
2) Price.
3) Whether or not it's a female convent or not.

Lake Geneva.

Huge fountain in Geneva. Yellowstone ain't got nothin.

The man, the myth, the legend, Freddie Mercury. If you 've seen the show We Will Rock You, this will look familiar. Or if you study Freddie Mercury statues, this should look familiar.

Almost says Schnoebelen.

Lining up for the Jazz boat.

There was even music playing before the boat. Good lord. What a hoot!

Big 'ole flag.

People waving!

Castle Greyskull.

Lake Geneva.....

Bad Asses.
Wow, wow, wow. Guitars are better when you play them sitting with thimbles.

Sweatin' to the country.

Crazy bendy straws. After the Jazz boat it is tradition to jump off......
View at your discretion (

I wish I looked this cool with my iPod.

Ah yes. 5 feet of beer.
This is just wrong.

Bethnal Greene Working Men's Club. Coolest place in London.

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