Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Running of the Bulls.

Ok, I have been really busy with work recently and haven't been living up to my standard of posting pictures. Below you'll find 1/10 of my pictures from Pamplona. I've been to Switzerland, Paris, and Prague since then but needed to show one of the craziest days of my life.
The Running of the Bulls......

I pee'd myself.

The tension builds.....

Here we go.......I see a light.

My first picture during the run. I was running so fast my shutter couldn't catch up.

My second picture from the run. I took this when I was smashed into a pole, ended up with a bruise size of a cantaloupe on my arm and a headrush. My eyeballs actually popped out of my head and I had a momentary contact lens mishap. But stayed on my feet and ran into the bullring where thousands of people clapped and sweat.

So many people don't know about the Running of the Bulls. After the run that you've stayed up all night for and have worn white and red and have so much nervous energy for....then comes the craziest part. The bull run is along many narrow streets and ends in the bullring. If you are fast enough, I was, you can join the bulls in the ring. The bulls get ushered into a corner and taken out of the ring and you feel like Russell Crowe in Gladiator. I fell to my knees after the run in the ring overwhelmed from energy, alcohol, people, and lack of oxygen. Thank You God, It's over.... Wrong. We were then cheered and brought into a part of the circle to a place where I thought we were taking a group picture. We huddled in close, arm in arm with 100's of the smelliest, happy-to-be-awake-and-alive, people you've ever met. Say "Queso", wait...what is happening, a door opens, the guy next to me puts his arm over my head, group prayer?????NO, out of the door comes a screaming mad bull.....where is it going to run, over us? Yes. A speeding bull hobbling, stumbling over the hundreds of people, only to be let loose in the ring. So for 10 minutes this small bull and by small bull, I mean large cow with horns. So this bull runs around, dominating wannabe bull fighters and scaring the heck out of many others, sending people flailing over walls. This mini-bullfight, novillero, happens 8 more times. Eight. I eventually jump over the wall after seeing a man get impaled. Thankful I have taken part in this history-rich event and thankful I have all my fingers and toes.

And the bulls come in one by one and everyone screams!!!!!! And the guy to my left has a racoon cut.

Tag, your it. And I pray you don't tag me back.

There is a fine line between taking a great picture and death. I am glad to say that I lived to take this picture. Why is that guy to the right of the bull blocking himself?

Best view ever. But there were no bulls in the balloons and I bet it looked really small. So I take that back. Ok view.

Gilligan is in trouble.

Careful guys. Nice knee bandanas.

Woooohoooo, made it. Sunny.

Despues de la corrida......

Toughest toughers of all time.

Poked in the eye.

The Three Aaaaaaaaaaaaaamigos.

Lobby sign for the visually impaired and any giants that may be meandering by the building.

Gran Hotel Domine Minbus En Patri Espritu Tou Es Foutu Hotel de Bilbao.
This picture is SO Vegas.

Spiral staircase
Ahhhh. Architecture.

Another random website: Any radio station, anywhere in America and the song they just played

Just lay next to this thing all day for a beautiful tan.

El perro en frente del Guggenheim

Gran Hotel de Bilbao.

Do not leave this in the bin when going through customs in Germany. The guy will yell at you and make you think you didn't something wrong. So be sure and grab all Trident wrappers.

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