Monday, October 09, 2006

Back in the USSA.

Hello world. I am officially back in America. I am on a work engagement in New York and will be updating my blog more often these days. So sit back, relax, and get ready for more of what is going on in Mr. Schnoebelen's life.
Some things leftover from London.....
This picture tells it all.........(story below)Just as it reads.....CADS. What does it stand for??????? Some may think it's an acronym, but CADS stands for unheralded, no-holds-barred, talent-free, cheap Guinness, Toni Braxton, Lionel Richie, construction workers, a Nazi bartender, a witch bar hag, smoke filled room, no walking room, a dart board sans darts, two TVs, one man that sounds like Louie Armstrong, a rip DVD wholesaler, a room full of "woo's", and a few lazy lines of pink text scrolling across a screen on a Thursday night plus one or two microphones. And there you have escape from reality and a heavy dose of mediocre entertainment.
Home of sub 2-pound brew and karaoke. Thank you CADs. Don't ever change.

I never thought Waffle House had competition unti I met Load of Waffle.

Outside toilets.....around corner to your left, in other words, where sidewalk meets wall.

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