Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oui Oui Paris!

Ahhhhhh. Paris!

Eiffel at night!
Outside the Louvre

Louvre from below.
I ran by the Mona Lisa and got this priceless shot.
Venus de Schnoebelen
The Louvre and a Monster's Inc. exhibit.
Post head-butt, Zidane still knows how to market himself.
Trocadero. If you want to buy Manolo's, ham iberico, and Louis XV cognac all at once.....go here.
Monument made out of cannons Napoleon just stole. He just said, my name is Napoleon, I'm making cannons into something else.
Arc with clouds.
Bridges of wait... whatever county Paris is in!
Paris at sunset

Patty and Luke on top of the world.
This here's one a dem fine avenue's they got up there in Paris!

If I would have known these 3 people this would've been so much cooler.

Anytime you have a chance to use the toilette on top of France, just go ahead. Think about that. When you flush....where does it go? I mean seriously.
Paris from way up in the air.
Luke: "I was wondering where I could get a light up Eiffel Tower"
35 men outside the Eiffel Tower: " 5 euro? 3 euro?"
Thankfully my mother and I avoided them.
Notre Dame. A far cry from South Bend and no hunchback, but still damn impressive
Some nice glasswork . Very wonderful.
France - Coca Cola Blak
America - Throw up a little in your mouth
Big clock in museum, very Batman.
Musee de Orsey Van Gogh. Great stuff.

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