Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interesting morning.

I would like to give one piece of advice to every person that drives and reads this blog. ALWAYS HAVE AN EXTRA SET OF KEYS!
This morning at 7:54 I set off for a wonderful day of work. I had my favorite Chicago Cubs coffee mug full of piping hot Classic Cup blend coffee, my freshly ironed shirt, and it was beautiful out, probably 74. I am ready to walk out the door and realize that my keys are nowhere to be found. I remember having them yesterday and think they are in my fiancee's car. I grab the "extra" key for my car thinking I'll just go pick them up from her car, come back home, lock up, and try this all again. Sounded good, not ideal, but good. I go down to my car and with my "extra" key, unlock the door. I realize that I have locked my car the evening before with my key fob and activated the security system. So as my car is yelling loudly at everyone and waking up every dog for a county mile, I go into panic/MacGyver mode. I try to unlock the door again to see if some sequence of locking/unlocking will deactivate the alarm. No dice. I try the ignition. Nothing. I shut the door and think for a minute. I can't go back up to my apartment because I'm keyless. I can't drive anywhere because my car is on lockdown. I call the Subaru dealership and find that if you turn the key 3 times in the ignition it will deactivate the alarm. Works perfectly. I get in my car and set off to get my actual set of keys. After retrieving them I realize the gas light is on. I stop at the gas station and pay $31 for 12 gallons of gas. I have one of the "I remember when" moments about gas prices and then shuffle home quickly. I get home lock-up and set off for my day of work. So lessson to be learned here, have a full set of keys at home, a "mirror" set if you will.

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