Friday, April 13, 2007

Luke's Product Endorsement Post

After I turned 18 years old I got a Gillette Mach 3 razor in the mail...from the US Army. I guess it was better than being drafted and turned out be a pleasant gift. It didn't make me want to run down to local headquarters and enlist with the guard but it did revolutionize my daily life. Seven years have passed and razors have come and gone. I experimented with electric razors only to be dissapointed. If I had to clean the innards I would need a manual or number puzzle to put all the blades back in the head of the razor so it didn't rattle. After my trials and tribulations with electric-razor syndrome, I opted for the Mach 3 Turbo Power. In about 3 weeks the "power" turned into a rusty battery horribleness and it meant I needed to spend $37 on 3 more cartridges. Finally, eureka. The Gillette Fusion. 4 blades for my daily looming facial hair, one blade for my ever-present sideburns and voila! An answer all men are looking for.

C.O. Bigelow offers a phenomenal shaving cream. This beats the $9 Nivia stuff that dissapears in 3 days. This nice looking green package will last you months. It costs $10 and can be purchased at most Bath and Body works. For most of you males that aren't familiar with Bath and Body works, it is the store in the mall that the employee will lure you in with some scented lotion and/or the place you use as a last resort for Christmas presents. This shaving cream paired with the razor mentioned above will leave your face feeling like a really clean shaven face.

So now I'm sure you'll sleep a little better knowing my tri-weekly ritually of shaving my face is a pleasure. So thank you Target for all of the razor options but from now on I'm sticking with the Fusion, and Thank You Mr. Bigelow for producing such a fine concoction of shaving goodness.

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