Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wheel of Fortune final audition

So yesterday I had my final audition for Wheel of was great. It was at 10 a.m at the Hilton President in downtown Kansas City. So I take the elevator to the 12th floor and exit to a lobby full of potential contestants. I arrive at about 9:35 thinking I would be a little early and could find a seat and read the paper. 2 things were wrong with this scenario, 1) There were no seats. 2)There were no papers. So instead I just stood around with 50 or 60 of the most nervous awkward people in town. Everyone with the idea that they are going to be on the show and that they are truly the best at Wheel of Fortune. Needless to say the conversation is lacking and the mini-introductions are sparse so I make my way back down to the lobby. Voila. Seats and paper. At 10 I make my way back up to the awkward lobby to find twice as many people about to enter the ballroom.

We sit down in rows of chairs in the front of the room, there is a screen set-up showing a video of highlights from the show since its inception. So myself and 107 of my closest friends fill out an audition application whilst watching this hilariously out-dated video.

Then the fun begins......

We get introduced to a few casting agents for the show and are told we will be playing a series of simulated games and will be able to guess at a puzzle when our name is called. The idea being that they'd like to see if you are a quick thinker, have an understanding of the game, and know what the hell is going on. So the puzzle is projected onto the screen at the front and the guessing begins. Each persons name is called and you have the opportunity to guess a letter. My name is called and I guess, W. The now know the last word is wheel and I buy an E. Correct. Tons of E's. Then I spin again.....I call C. Woo hoo. Enough to solve. "Bicycle and Cheese Wheel" After solving my puzzle I receive a WOF hat and take me seat. Happy that I've just shown that I know what is going on.

After a few people guess at more puzzles....the over-excited woman in the audition gets her name called. She guesses a letter and has all of the puzzle filled reads....Beautiful Orchids in Full Bloom....all she has to do is read it and she wins the puzzle. She is so happy and peeing her pants at this points. She yells out, "Beautiful Orchards in Full Bloom". Oops. Sorry.

After about 30 minutes everyone has guessed and we move on to a written test. I haven't taken a written test since college so I'm a little weary at this point. The written test consists of 20 or so Hangman-like puzzles where you need to fill in the rest of the blanks. For instance M_L G_ _ _ _ N would be MEL GIBSON. We have 5 stinking minutes to finish this epic task and we start when they say Go. I manage to get about half of the answers filled in and guess at the rest. After the test we take a break and I learn that they will 'cutting' people from the audition. Oh my. We take a 30-minute break and I learn that people really struggled through the written test.

We return from the break and are told they will cut the group from 108 to about 20. So everyone is really nervous and it is awkward again. They say my name 3rd so I'm in the clear now I just wait to see who the competition will be.

We then go on to play a series of games while the 3 judges stare at us and write down mini notes about how we play the game and how much fun we are having.

Overall the experience was pretty fun. I walked away with this beauty.

So now I am told to wait two weeks and I'll find out whether I made it. I will be receiving something in the mail should I be chosen to be a contestant.

I will keep everyone posted.


Anonymous said...

Did you get on the show? I just finished my final audition a week ago. I have another week to see if I get a letter.

@schneby said...

Yes, I received a letter about two weeks after the Final Audition. Was on the show won $12k and a trip to Hawaii. Amazing experience.

Anonymous said...

I just got a final audition notice. did you do anything special to stand out after the written exam?

@schneby said...

Sit in the front row, stand out but don't be overbearing. Pay attention to the casting agents. Smile. Pay attention to the puzzles as if you were actually on the show. And get lucky! Good luck, let me know!

SoberDad said...

Wow man...thanks for this blog I have a final audition in 3 days so my nerves are kinda shot right now my audition is also in KC at crown center so do you have any last minute advice I sure would appreciate anything you could tell me,thanks man!