Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go Cubs Go!

First off. Have to tell of a celebrity run-in. When we landed in ATL on Monday we met Andre 3000 of Outkast in the Airport, he declined a photo-op but he was very polite.

Last night I went to the Cubs/Braves game at Turner Field. Didn't have tickets to the game and left the hotel at 6:10 for a 7pm game. Take the rental car to the Marta Station, ride the train with 1400 hippies en route to see hippie surfer boy Jack Johnson, get off at 5-points Station, walk through an underground circus, take a shuttle that drops us off directly at Turner. Walk 500 feet up a flight of stairs ask the first guy I see if he has any extra tickets. Here is how that conversation went.
Luke: Do you have any extra tickets?
Guy: Are you a Cubs fan?
Luke: Yes, I was born with a Cubs hat on.
Guy: I have 4 free tickets, how many do you need?
Luke: 3
Guy: Here you go. I was waiting to give these to a Cubs fan. Enjoy.
Luke: Money.
Time: 6:54 pm - Walking in the game. BAM!

Seats are located 7 rows behind Cubs left fielder, Alfonso Soriano #12. See below. I see this as a potential photo op.

I yell, Go Cubbies! Alfonso looks.

I yell MVP. Alfonso agrees.

Nothing like good seats at the ballpark.

Kosuke! Woo woo!

Oh, oh, oooooooh. ooooooh. ooooooh O-O-O.

Kerry Wood's back. Literally.

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Michael said...

That is awesome about the free ticket! Go Cubs!