Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Texas. This picture is just Texas.
Forth Worth Stockyards.
Mike paying for parking. Wearing his Kimbo shirt.
D and Rebecca doing their Abbey Road impression.
Staring contest, you me go.
Bull run/walk 5k.
Get along little doggies.
It's neck and neck. Or horn and horn.
Me on a bull. 8 seconds.
Texas graffitti.
Coolest bar in Fort Worth.

Represent the Schnoebelen's.
Wow. Bet this bull didn't think he'd be under a Heineken sign above him.
Taggin' it up.

Jaimie with money. Post UFC betting.

Chuck, Mike, Jerry (with cash), Jamie (also with cash). Pre-UFC fight. Post Gotham city pizzas.

Random summer picture from my Dad's. Sister Lauren going in for a landing. Nice one LC.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Those pictures and captions are greatness. Love the Abbey Road one. Thanks for making the trip to visit me!