Friday, May 01, 2009

And we're back.

So my bloggging has been about as sparse as seeing a black cat in a Mexican Supermarket on 111th and 41st.  Oh wait. That happened.  And after that happened I bought some of those sugar wafer cracker things that I used to "borrow" from Hy-Vee growing up.    So I decided to post some photos from the past few weeks.

No wheels and tires.  No windows.   I saw this car pull in before I went to the Mets game and park.  I don't think the guy is going to be happy when he gets back.  

Mets panoramica.

Dude's got a monopoly.

Think they need to add Full Size Van to the Window stickers.

So many ads.  

So I had about a 5 hour stall in NYC the other day and decided to take advantage of the free time.  So I drove to an area near Shea that was safe to park and walked to the game.  Mets/Marlins.  After about 20 minutes of scoping the scene I scored this.  My free ticket.   Met a nice NY couple who gave me a ticket after I told them my life story.  

Acela Club is basically a Houston's inside a ballpark.   Nothing to write home about, but I don't write home about private baseball stadium restaurants much.  

Citi Field.  Very Baseball 2.0.

Walk to Shea/Citi.  Metal.  Random but photogenic.

Best pizza in Netcong.  Try to spend 5 bones at this place.  Savant waitress remembers exactly what you had upon each visit.  Rain Man stuff. 

Oldest wagon ever.  Radio Walker.

Speaks for itself.  Collaborate.  Listen.

Strikingly yellow bushes.  My favorite kind of plant life that grows by picket fences.  Seriously yellow.  Like dude from Curious George yellow.  Coldplay Yellow. Old Yeller Yellow.

Let me set this scene a bit.   Alpaca farm, somewhere in NJ.   Just before this picture was taken these two mountain goats were messing about and rough housing and then Mr. Alpaca rolls around and then go rogue.  Nothing.  Pretend to "graze".  

Alpaca with baby sitting by barn post feeding.   Alpacas are deathly afraid of humans until you have carrots.  I've carried carrots in my wallet ever since.

Long Valley Pub and Brewery.  Home of a really old building and across the street from an Alpaca farm.   Somewhere between where I bought Polar Seltzer water and Hackettstown.

LLS Charity Poker Tournament at the Brass Rail.  Gold's sitting pretty.

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Curtis said...

Alpacas are deathly afraid of humans until you have carrots.Believe me, the feeling is mutual. I've never seen an alpaca in person, and I plan to keep it that way.

Maybe it's because their hair poofs remind me of the 70s. Was their stable decked out with shag carpet, 8 tracks and black light posters?