Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Canada on Tuesday.

Smoking Guns play tonight! Double header. Will win #1 come tonight? Pray for us.
Thank you to Miller High Life and Boulevard Wheat.

Thanks to Aqualung, Common, The Gorillaz, and Kanye for making my workouts sweet.

If you have a second. Go to amazon.com, type "Christmas" in the search field.
Look at the second item it brings up. Everyone needs a pair!

Go Hawks. Props to Adam Jessen in the UK, for havin' mad blog skis.

Fun stuff for today:
Build your own face, very creepy.

Fernando's site

Use this link to avoid crazy log-ins. Very sweet.

Paintball game that is good if you aren't at work. Because you shouldn't play games at work. http://www.yamago.net/games/paintballshooter/
(Besides shooting the ball in the mini-hoop, or executive darts.)

Make your own Mini Coop.

These ain't conflict diamonds is they Jacob?

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