Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lance Armstronged.

So I just spent the day in a hospital operating room. One of the most influential experiences of my life. To see a man get a testicle removed makes you appreciate what you have. I coined the phrase he's getting "Lance Armstronged" and the staff is going to continue to use it. Also catheters cannot be comfortable and I do know what the inside of a person looks like, I now know where pee comes from. Too much info sorry.

Now for some fun stuff.

Black Fly beverage. One drink, 3 employees, good stuff.
Vodka based. Mmmmm.
Check them out.

Women leading way to hospital=There car in huge wreck.

Labatt brewery tour

And Glenda doesn't drink.

Labatt is the best. God bless you John Labatt I.


Luke's body at 4a.m. Central time.
Luke in robe at 5a.m. Canadia time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking sexy in that robe.

From the girl who used to receive dry cleaning from you.