Thursday, January 05, 2006

Brand New Year.

New Years Resolution: To be in peak physical condition by March 2007 for a triathlon.
What I need to work on:
1) No pop(soda for you southerners)
2) No Burger King cravings.
3) No Oreo cookie cravings.
4) Less beer. (Note: I said less not none)
5) No more being lazy.
6) Maintaining a consistent workout.
7) Not quitting when I'm tired.
8) Not getting side tracked by my social life.
9) Not getting side tracked by women.
10) Staying focused.

New things in my life that are fun. Officially opened my eyes to Somone still loves you Boris Yeltsin and KT Tunstall Officially the best site finder ever.

There you go Mom, I posted.

And I'll post more tomorra.

Peace out, I'm getting my retinas lasered and get to wear those cool black roll up shades. Jeremiah Johnson's and Munich tonight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like that "not getting side tracked by women" didn't make the top 5...