Wednesday, December 28, 2005


To celebrate the 15,000 blog visitor. I am going to take a 2-hour nap.
So my holidays have been fabulous, I have celebrated every moment and lived each day to its fullest. I will be updating the blog periodically in the coming week so here is what has happened in short, since my last post.
So damn cold I froze the mop. Ice cold.
Havey, Emmie, Callalily, Lucas T.
This is what happens when you mix an arcade, beer, and Luke at a trivia game. 10,950 tickets bitches.
Ben slow grinding. Is she doing the lawn sprinkler?

Luke, Tory, Bradski, 50,000 other people I can't name off hand. Chiefs/Chargers. Chefs win. Larry Johnson. Dynasty mothas. Throw it up. (Luke makes diamond shape with his hand)
Happy Holidays from Luke Schnoebelen, Ben Bradley, and Len Dawson.
How many Hall of Fame Super Bowl MVP's do you see in the picture. And my intramural Championships don't count.
When you go to Westport, you should really think about how funny your shirt is going to be. Your $18 Hollister purchase might not be everything that its cracked up to be. Especially when you and another person whom you don't know end up ordering drinks at the bar at the exact same time. And then Luke capitalizes with camera in hand.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Mop....I recognize that from someone's sweet apartment. That person must be really cool.