Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sundance Kid.

Here is part 1 of my Sundance/Ski Trip Pictures:
This is the Egyptian theatre on Main Street.

Extreme close-up of my goggles. Or an extreme un-close-up of Matt, Jason and Tina.

Tina was like "Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Here is the standard group on top of the mountain picture. From right to left (Jim, Tina, Keith, Brandon, Hicks, sniper a.ka. me.

Remember that time when you took the lift to the highest point of the mountain and then took moguls all the way down a double black diamond and laughed so hard you thought you'd sh#t yourself. Oh yeah, that was 4 hours after you arrive on the slopes in The Canyons.

Here we are outside of the Cargo Lounge, Rusted Root lead singer Adam (just kidding he is from Counting Crows) and Luke. Lady with coat on backwards in the background.

Here is Matt with a bear. Matt got really nervous but finally warmed up to the bear. In case you don't recognize the bear. He is the one you turn upside down and squeeze to get Honey, distant relative of Smokey.

Here is Terrence Howard taking a picture with me(he's the guy from Hustle and Flow and Crash) He was very nice.

Three of us gents at a Sundance film, "The Secret Life of Words", with Tim Robbins. Quite good. Huge popcorn boxes a pre-req for having a sweet time, (beef jerky not pictured)

Stella Artois Lounge, Luke pictured with Sundance Film Guide and two Stella's. The Stella lounge was a location for a photo hunt we got put on for HP, we ended up stopping at the Stella lounge for about 6 hours and enjoying free drinks and live music. Nothing says Stella like white leather couches. Met about 50 people in this 6 hour tour. Quite fun.

Jason shows off his eyes of a Geisha. (Cane not pictured)

Matt pointing at worldest largest wool coat. Very discrete.

Luke by fireplace with mimosa, a beautiful site. This photo was taken at "The Eating Establishment" We ate, drank, Matt spilt his beer, saw a man wearing a fireplace blanket(picture above), Jason failed to ask the waitress where she was from(Uruguay=Eyebrows) and 3 waiters almost biffed on Matt's beer on the floor.

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Kelly Marsh said...

I think "Adam" is the singer from Counting Crows, not Rusted Root. Yes?