Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sundance Kid (Part Deux)

This is the only proof that Matt has that he was at Sundance. O.J. is driving by in the background. (Side note: If you ever want to ski in PC, go during Sundance. The slopes are empty, but be careful for those double blues, because you might hurt your "ankle".)

This is me on a huge cow. I wanted to express my independence by hurdling my 170 lb. body on to a 5 foot tall cow. The cow survived, my groin is still in recovery. 8 seconds bitches.
This store is also home to the world's best hot chocolate.

Here is a picture of the moose at the No Name Saloon, where every single 30+ 4'6" and under woman hugged me. Home of some good Heffeveisen, the world's hottest shittin' beef jerky(made me cry), and the ghettoest jukebox this side of the Mississippi(Matt, Derek, and I got to pick 20 songs. I overheard a lady say, "Did they just go from David Bowie to Chuck Berry?"

Matt Hicks left his mark on The Canyons. They will tell his story for years to come. That story will include butt and fart jokes, stories of his sweet L.L. Bean fleece, stories of his spills at the flat bottom part of the hills and how he made out with Jennifer Aniston.

He will live in infamy.

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