Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On the blog again, I can't wait to get on the blog again.

If you want a good band to see live and have the lead singer play a flute/piano thing, then see Hard-Fi live. They have a radio hit, "Cash Machine." And many of their songs are quite good. They are based in the UK, soon to be my home(leave March 2nd), so you should try and catch them on their US tour.

When it comes to marketing what company does it beter than McDonald's. I mean come on they have served "billions and billions"(by the way, counting to billions and billions seems impossible considering the fact that the contigency of Mickey D's employees during my lifetime has hardly been able to count back my 41 cents change) Back to my point, we go to Salt Lake City, Utah. Below is a picture of the signage below the double arches. I thought to myself, "What better way to ring in the Holidays with a damn fruit salad." Mmmmmm. It's like a taco salad without the good bowl and has those yellowish green grapes always at the bottom.
Photo taken by Schnoebelen during Sundance/Ski trip.
Today: North Carolina, home of people who are always eating.
So as I sit 10,000 feet high on a mountain in North Carolina near the foothills of the Applachian mountains (deep breath followed by subtle gas) I think to myself. North Carolina is really boring. All this state does is eat, make furniture, and sell use cars. With an exception of the people that work at the Hospital I am working at, no one does a damn thing. There are more used cars per capita than people. Every piece of land is suitable for a used car dealership, if you own a business, own a gravel lot, or just have a damn yard you can sell cars.
All people do in NC is eat. Tonight Huber and I ate livermush, it tasted as it sounds. Thank you to Key Lime Pie for removing the livermush thoughts from my head. God bless you Key Lime Pie. Back in KC for a day then to IC to have fun with fam, then packing.

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