Friday, February 17, 2006

Rumble in the Jungle.

Last night marked another landmark in my life. My First Professional Boxing Match. Having said that, it was the IBA World Championship Womens Minimumweight Title fight. There were 4 other bouts, so much boxing it made my head hurt. The announcer, who I eventually met at Waffle house at *undisclosed hour*, was the voice of the Cleveland Cavaliers. So I made him say, "Lebroooooooooooooooooooooon Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames"
It made me laugh and cry and have a moment.
This is a picture of the ring and me in my boxing apparel. Visor: 4 frosties, shirt 28 chicken nuggets, blazer: 3 junior bacon cheeseburgers.

The lady on the left won. And i won a free lunch. Thanks Svetlana. So here is a note to you:
If we ever run into each other again, I probably won't shake your hand. I probably won't even say anything or tell you that I bet a BBQ lunch on your fight. But thanks. Thanks for kicking the crap out of that other skinny bitch. I mean you really dominated her. And she just smiled. No really, it pissed me off to. That's why I was yelling all those curse words. So, Svetlana, you are the bomb.
Thanks, Luke

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