Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm moving to Sweden.

Sweden, Sweden, Sweden.
Like I always said kids "Genomfart till Hokens gata tillaten."

Another infamous LCU-Luke close-up. Thank you, thank you very much.

The Indian Couple Glove Story
Narrated by Eric Engman and Luke Schnoebelen
(Important note: They are sharing one pair of gloves in this picture)

Indian Wife: My hands are cold!
Indian Husband: I brought gloves.
Indian Wife: Can I have them?
Indian Husband: What about my hands?
Indian Wife: Ok, you can wear them!
Indian Husband: No, here you have them.
Indian Wife: Thank you.

Indian Husband: Oh geez, now my hands are cold.
Indian Wife: Here you take them
Indian Husband: Thanks.
Indian Wife: My hands are cold, hold them.
Indian Husband: Here put your hands in my pocket
Indian Wife: That helps a little.
Indian Husband: Here let's each wear one of the gloves.
Indian Wife: That's a good idea
Indian Husband: Now I want both gloves
Indian Wife: Both my hands are cold
Indian Husband: Mine are warm.
Indian Wife: Can i have the gloves?
Indian Husband: Here, now you can wear the gloves.

5 foot statues are priceless, standing where 90% of Sweden's dogs have pee'd: More than priceless.

Sculpture. Bang bang.

20 inch blades on the Impala. Pimp my Swedish auto.

Ah yes. The C.H. Chapman, warship by day, hotel by night. Quite possibly the best place I've even stayed.

Sleet, snow, rocks, ice, rain.....honey, let's take the Ferrari for a spin.
This boat gave a whole new meaning to Dragon Boat races. Made by the same people that make Nordic Track.

Layout of our yacht/ship/war craft.

So I decided to get my camera to work with a timer and it didn't work the first time. But really, ask yourself. Not many better looking mid-sercions than Eric and I. 6 minute abs.

Eurohat Luke and Eric with camera on timer on S.S. Chapman, aka our living quarters.

Fishing boat. C.H. Chapman in background.

View from the room. Batten down the hatches.

On a 3-hour tour. With a guide, with a really bad vocabulary. "The Royal Palace wasn't open until the 15th centur but lived in, in the 14th century, not to mention the King and Queen don't live there." -Boat Guide lady.

Yes they are. No need to turn head and cough. Horse emblazoned into history, complete with genetalia.

John Malkovich. And by John Malkovich, I mean patio bar.

I also think Funkens is Grand.

Sweden meatball. Dishoveled is a good word for this picture.

So these are my two friends from and they danced a lot at Berks. And then they showed me how Swedish people hug...... ....... ........I love Sweden.

Exercisplan. Kanye's Exercisplan. Bunch of skinny people on this road. That was bad. Not funny Luke.

Stockholm Modern Museum of Art. Home of Dali's, Picasso's, Pollocks, Warhols. Very cool.

Phallic jungle gym-art-statue thing. Don't know what else to say.

Officially sseen 90% of Dali's work. This was one of my fav's.

When I draw a cow, it looks like a cat, when Andy Warhol does his thing, it looks rad. This is a whole wall mural at the museum.

Yet another duck hunt. No weapons. Just proximity barriers. When I'm done all ducks, mallards, etc. will live in harmony.

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