Monday, March 27, 2006

China White.

3 weeks in and I'm still alive. Work is greater than great. My new flat is flatter than flat. And overall life is just wonderful. Plus a new movie broke into my Top 10 of all time: Revolver.
So without further is weekend 3.
Noteworthy: My new thing is to all my picutres myself. This being said, here is a prime example.

With the right light and the right angle it looks like Kenny has a lot of hair.

Two things about this picture.
1) The gentleman in the picture is Mike Havekost. Mike is a fun-loving guy that plays dumb 95% of the time just so he can have a chance with girls. Below is a picture of Mike(taken by me) at one of the most exclusive nightclubs in all of London, China White.
2) China White is a failry happening night spot for celebrities and people who want to be seen. So Mike, taking this into consideration, (and by "consideration", I mean, "complete disregard") decided to party like a rock star (and by "rock star" I mean "large American man from the middle of Nebraska") This place is so exclusive that even Kanye couldn't get in
Kanye can't get in, but Mike can get thrown out.

Say cheese, and get as close as humanly possible to my face.

Your hands feel much cleaner when you wash them over rocks.

These ladies were holding each other up. It was a feat of nature......truly amazing....couldn't believe my.......holy c......are they??

To put it lightly. I "dropped it like it was hot...."

Random, Felicia, Luke. Bunny ears. You got me good random. Wait til I get you back.

Satuday night. Club Custard at Teatro. Pretty fun spot. We got our own VIP room, I danced like there was no tomorrow. But there turned out to be a tomorrow and it involved, movies, sleeping, working out and more sleeping.
Ben says, move away from the camera.

Bow chicka bow bow.

Bradsche, Bradwilde, Schnoebelen. En Teatro.

Luke via Edgware road.
Luke by Earl's Court. Dolce and Gabbana shades provided exclusively for photo shoot.

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Becky said...

Where do you get this stuff and make up night clubs you went to so you can make reference to Kayne West? LOL You crack me up! Get ready because I am going to be there in 5 weeks. Better take me out to some sweet places.