Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Random Rumbling.

Twinkle, twinkle.

Rollin' down Bond street in my throwback Lambo.

Profound. There lies an internal message. Look deep.

Rowdy houligans outside of Arsenal's stadium on Saturday. This street was reserved for cross town rival supporters of Tottenham, they entered the stadium through a side entrance to avoid confrontation. You couldn't wear red on this road. There were at least 150 armed policeman. It was intense.
Luke, Lisa, Adam. Thompson with classic caricature pose. Girl.

Ladies and Gentleman, Sachin Desai. Sachin, or as I call him, Sach. Sach is a restaurant owner by night and a Solution Delivery Consultant by day. His hand is in the way of his Uber know. Sach wears his ties with really sweet knots. I'm talking knots that boy scouts would be proud of. His hand is in the way of this one, but trust me, it's big. Behind Sach to the right is Mark. Mark is my pub quiz partner and is fashioning his headphones that were manufactured during the days of the renaissance. He usually replaces my mouse with a lemon or some other round object. Very funny. He takes Google-ing something to a whole new level and can really creep you out with how much info he can find. He is also really protective of his sister.

Mike Mason trying to trump Sach's quadruple windsor. Outcome: Ridiculous.

Watch your step. No street sweepers after this parade. And they didn't even throw out any of those flavoured Tootsie Rolls no one likes.

Queen's Bday, 21 cannon salute, Hyde Park, best lunchtime ever. With the exception of the copious amount of horse sh#t.

Meet Ben Bradley, co-worker/friend/brother/brotha/hombre/amigo. Pictured below is Ben at a restaurant in Bayswater called, Chair. Chair is an interesting place, you can purchase any chair in the restaurant. Even the one you are sitting on. Sit at the bar, get comfy, like the chair, buy it. In saying that, Ben had been sitting in this chair for about an hour and as we were about to leave.....it broke. This almost put the, "you break it you but it" saying into action. However with some MacGyver-esque maneuvers we were able to fix it.

Amanda and Ben via Queensway


Anonymous said...

hey luke its me derek you should of seen me wreck my bike. i was going on a big hill and i looked how fast i was goin and i hit a wall and broke my handle bar. IT was SWEET! well anyway thats wat i am doin!@

eric said...

hey luke this is derek and i made my own blog. it kinda sucks but o well! i just dont have a digital camera so i dont have anything to type about. but my blog is schnoebelensblog

eric said...

luke make another blog(p.s.) its derek not eric i just made that my username or whatever because i like that name more.