Monday, May 08, 2006

The Cuban Damn Dam Tour

Queen's Day in the Dam. It was all orange everywhere. Felt like a road construction party.

Heineken Brewery, home of some

There is nothing bad about canals. Canals are always on my good list.

If you've ever listened to Dane Cook, he has a joke about going to a party and going in the room with all the coats and sh###ng on them. We'll Ryan Alexander got his coat sh## on. I said, "What?" and then boom I was a phantom.

Extradition to a bar in Amsterdam. Not too bad Saddam. Nicely done.

Some people cheers beers, Smith and I cheers french fries.

Kind of a self-explanatory picture.
Absolutely no holding your arms out to the sides. None!

The Friday before I went to Amsterdam I got to enjoy 8 of the 24 live hours of music at an event called Carling Live 24. The likes of Goldie Lookin' Chain and The Cuband Brothers were the main acts on the nights' bill. Oh what a night(and early morning) it was.
Goldie Lookin Chain. Everyone knew all the words but me. So I pretended.

At 4am the Cuban Brothers came on, quite possibly the best live show I have ever been to. Everyone needs to see these guys. They are so good.
They encore'd with All Night Long by Lione Richie
When one of the guys in a live show comes out on roller skates, you know its going to be good.
Purple suits are money.

Front roowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww picture. Too much fun.

Nothing like crazy head spinning break dancing goodness.
I'm pretty sure that guy is holding him by his......yep....he is.

The Cuban Brothers not afraid to be naked.
(My walk to work in no particular order)
Canal with houseboats and whatnot.

Cross this glass bridge. Acutally you go in and it shoots you out like in Sonic on Sega.
My walk to work.
Uually go to Tesco(grocer) get OJ, Banana, water, chocolate croissant. Walk down the canal. (My building is the one in the middle)

Work. I work in this huge glass buidling. Did you know that a ball of glass bounes higher than a baller of rubber ;)

So Sunday I got invited to a movie premier. One of my favorite events since I crossed the pond. I got to watch the movie, enjoy a Q&A with the director/lead actor and have a pint with them afterwards. Turns out they thought I was press from the States, so they treated me well. The movie was called The Magician. And I give it a 9 out of 10. It was as I'd say, "bad ass"

Movie premier.

Movie premier Q&A

If I were to start a band, this is what I'd call it.

Man on wall in Portobello Market.

Crazy sideways picture.

FIRE EXIT Mike. Do Not Obstru......ha.

This guy did not see the "NO LAMBORGHINI PARKING" sign.

When the going gets tough, take off your shirt and have a Guinness.

View out my window of guys fishing in canal. They didn't catch much, besides a little taunting from me.

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