Friday, June 16, 2006

Switerland (Helicopters, Canyons, and Racecars)

Last train to Clarksville, I mean Interlaken.

Tire changing.

I'm very good at directing traffic.

Flat tire. Not even a big deal.

Thumbs up.

In Interlaken home of extreme sports, Canyoning is very popular, in short, Canyoning is wearing 4 layers of protection from rocks and cold water, then a steep mountain you drive up in a van, followed by jumping off rocks into shallow poopls of water, repelling, diving, and generally being sucked around currents.
The only helmet that fits says, "Playboy", little did I know that this day would be one of the best of my life.

Repelling, just like my days in the rainforests of the Amazon.

Wolfe and Schnoebelen at the bottom.

When you've already went skydiving out of a helicopter in the same day, flipping off rocks ain't nothing but a chicken wing.
As Luke jumped he made hand puppets on the rocks behind, a great show of a lion chasing an antelope.

Ladies and gentleman...Luke Schnoebelen is approaching a jump with difficulty of 8, he's focused, you can see it in his eyes. he's ready....

Cold water and contacts and rocks don't mix.

The rock in Delhi has got nothing on Switzerland.


Group pee.

Come on in the water is warm. Not really.

Flowers in your hair.......

The Jumpers.

View just like I-80.

Brad: Luke?
Luke: Yeah!
Brad: Were holding up traffic.
Luke: Yep.
Brad: What should we do.
Luke: Just pretend we can't see them.

Which way is skydiving?

Swiss flag.

Middle name on the 'copter.

Zip it on up!

For your 24th Birthday we're going to make this really tight!!!!!!!!!

Stefan: Luke
Luke: Yeah.
Stefan: Is this tight?
Luke: I hope so.
Stefan: How about now?
Luke: (Refrain, breath, yelp)

Just tighten that harness really tight. Barry Gibb called he wants his signing voice back.

And we're off......

We were about 80 feet from the sun.

Totally re-assuring, the whole blade thing 2 feet above your head before you fall out.

It was a good thing I had a grown man who I'd known for 20 minutes strapped onto my back to keep me warm.

This is only halfway there.

Brad-Blue Luke-Yellow

Sideways spinning and flipping, so relaxing and totally safe.

The landing, we avoided all the pre-pre made swiss cheese and had a great landing.

After the jump, extreme adrenaline rush.

Evening Alps.


The helicopter we rode in. Absolutely beautiful.

If I've told you once, I've told you 1,000 times, nur fur kunden.

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derek said...

hey luke its derek i just didnt get 20 bucks when i just talked to u on the phone. hope you had a good time skydiving