Monday, June 12, 2006


Hello world. Today I am officially 24 years old. So if you aren't in London, go have a pint for me, or a can, or if you don't drink, have some sun tea, or if you don't do caffeine, just drink some cold water, or if you aren't thirsty, just watch someone drink something.

Best birthday cake of all time (Thanks Rebecca!)

Luke cutting cake.

15 minutes later. My 27 "best friends" demolished this piece of art.

To complete my 23rd year of life, I went to Switzerland this past weekend and went skydiving out of a Helicopter over a glacier in the Alps. I have about 1400 pictures from the best weekend of my 23rd year.

Cheers and Enjoy this great day! Halfway to Christmas!

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Kate Gibeson said...

Happy Birthday Luke! I went out to a nice dinner with my boyfriend in honor of (your) birthday :)

I have to say, you probably celebrated more appropriately!

Good luck with your 24th year!