Thursday, October 18, 2007


Whoa Mexico!

Rebecca with the band.

View from the hotel room.

Waterfalls at the hotel.

It wasn't raining gatos y perros.

Rio Cuale, a fine site..... ...... ......

One of my favorite pictures from Mexico. So much going on.
Statue. Donkey. Chicago Bears poncho.

Fun mercado signage.

So windy even the statue was leaning. Ole.....

Long and winding road up the mountain.

Puerto Vallarta from the mountain

The one lane road up to Las Carmelitas.....

Sunset at dinner.

View from the top of Carmelitas!

View of the lighthouse through a fun piece of art.....

Best guacamole in town. Best t-shirt barter also.

Serendaded by the band.....para bailar la bamba.

That blip of a light in the middle of the screen is Las view in Mexico.

View looking down on the marina from the lighthouse bar in Puerto Vallarta.

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