Monday, October 15, 2007

Our wedding! Part One

My beautiful wife and I.

Dad and Luke

Rebecca and I with her lovely side of the family.
From left to right: Mike, Nils, Nola, Rebecca, Myself, Diana,
Sara, Iain, Spencer, and Julia in front.

Rebecca with my side of the fam.
From left to right:
Barb, Joan, Mike, Patty, Liam, Colin, Rebecca, Myself, Shamis,
Dana, Grandma, Mack, Mick, Nancy, and Molly.

Slow motion Rat Pack pic.

Pre-wedding dip. Practice for our first dance.

Walking my Mother down the aisle.

The couple enjoying themselves.

The bride walking down the aisle.

Rings on....

It's official.... walking down the beautiful.

Cutting the cake.

A toast.

Our first dance, the salsa......

Rebecca doing her fabulous turn.
Rebecca and Luke doing the salsa!

Julia looking beautiful.


Adam Thompson said...

Nice place to have a wedding! Was it someone's house?

How'd you like the band? You guys look good!

Kate said...

Gorgeous. One of the most romantic weddings I have been too.