Thursday, June 09, 2005

Catting Rain and Dogs.

So it poured here last night and my dog freaked out. What's new.

We kicked some booty in softball, before it downpoured.

Mark Morrison and Ben Hudson are two of the hardest working
Cerner associates in history.
Great job guys. But your still not in the club.

Here is a sheep that I saw.

T-shirts for everyone.

Random shot of the day, as if the sheep wasn't enough.

Pimp Boitano, Pimp.

Alright for those of you who loved the last installment.

Ask me 5 things you want to know about me.
I will answer them all as soon as possible.

Bruised ribs aren't good for sleeping on your belly.
Bruised ribs aren't good for anything but whining.

What has 75 balls and screws old ladies?

Everyone needs to listen to Square One by Coldplay. Story of my life.

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