Friday, June 10, 2005

Snoop Bloggy Blog.

So I need to tell everyone that I have a rule about this blog.
You email me for more but you only get what you get.
I only work on the blog as long as it takes me to finish 1 (One) cup of coffee.

So here it is.

I encourage everyone to donate to this cause.
Even though everyone has a bracelet for everything,
this one is very worthy of your wrist. Just visit

If you are bored, watch this movie


Here is a lot of people and me around a building.

I'm there in the white shirt. See me. I'm waving.

Going to Iowa in a matter of hours. Love you world.

Thanks for the e-mail Mandi. Good to know.

Heads up for the new addition to D.O.S:
Soyland's G-spot.

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