Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sleeping with the fishes.

First off, I put on the Drakkar this morning. Old school. Come smell me.

Second, last night marked the first of many Smoking Guns Fishing excursions.
Here is a photo recap:

Trent scores first with a monster.

With a Roy Hobbs-like field in the background

Bangs with the second. Another whale.

Trust me. It was gi-normous.

Then I went on a hot-streak. The sun went down and so did
my bobber.

Fanny pack was the key to this enormo.

#2 and #3 were about the same size and probably related
to #1 so I will spare you the pictures.

Micheal Hickman lost his fishinity late in the evening with
this feisty little guy.

Look at the guy wiggle. Hickman had to put down his cigarette for this one.

Then, the air was still and a light shined down from above on my bobber and all of a sudden. Poof. It was gone. And just like a house in a California mudslide my bobber had gone under.
Boy oh boy I knew this one wasn't a blue gill or even Vince Gill for that matter.
Walter was on the other end of the line.

After dropping it 14 times, I finally elbow dropped it
and it gave in.
Bangs said it was 3lbs. but I say more like 20lbs.

Luke 5- Fish 0.
Trent 2- Fish 0
Bangs 1.5-Fish 0
Hickman 1- Fish 0

We also saw the best shooting star ever. It was a streak of light followed by
a flash.

Mad lib of the day: I killed a ________, with a _________.
(This was stated by Hickman, $20 to who guesses and gets it right)

Tie Tuesday= Fish Tuesday.

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