Monday, November 14, 2005


So I make record time to Baltimore and in the best mood I can be in. The flight was aided by the comfort of the Quiet Comfort 2’s provided by BOSE. Thank you Diners Club points. I take the shuttle to the rental car joint to be plopped into a Pontiac Vibe. I automatically feel metrosexual when I sit down and onward I push. I refer to my book, “1000 places to see before you die”. The only location in Baltimore is Obrycki’s. Obrycki’s is about 20 blocks east of Camden Yards, home of Cal Ripken Jr., in a side street alleyway. I am glad I made it here this week, Obrycki’s closes for the winter on Saturday. I proceed to get the Seafood sampler, and I quote from the menu, “Our famous backfin crab cake, broiled crab imperial, broiled jumbo shrimp topped with crab meat and fried clam tidbits, served with the vegetables and your choice of potato.” All I can say is that is was, for lack of better terms, fricking amazing. I ate until I felt I had grown larger. And then I ate some more. So as I sit sipping my Obrycki’s lager and typing this, I must say that I have grown to love my new job role, I am able to apply myself a lot more to my work and I am able to be allowed many opportunities to see these great places and meet wonderful new people.

St. Michael's church in Baltimore.

Painting on side of building. Dumpster adds character.

Home of Ironman Cal Ripken Jr.

Since when does Hooters have a baggage claim.

Bridge in New York.

Molson Canadian. A man's beer.

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