Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Old note to self

1st note to self: Don’t try to open cream on a plane with your teeth, while holding coffee and trying to balance your laptop on your lap/tray table.

2nd note to self: Don’t sit by the guy that shakes his leg the whole flight and looks like he has to pee, which eventually makes you have to pee.

3rd note to self: If you are feeling super indulgent before bedtime and you are still quasi-drunk/tipsy/tired/euphoric, don’t eat a half bag of kettle cooked chips before you fall asleep. Although they tasted like the best thing to ever hit your tongue, like a cool winter breeze when you go outside to get the paper and don’t wear shoes and it’s really cold but it feels good and you take that breath of fresh air, like that…yeah. But in the morning and you are afraid you overslept because the time on the alarm is right but you realize that they forgot to set the clock back an hour and you realize this all week but are to technologically challenged to change it. Plus add that BBQ taste from last night, add 6 hours of night breath/Country Inn and Suites air/cigar/Red bull/Vodka/Honey Brown. That is what I had to deal with. Oh I forgot to mention, it was 5:00 in the morning. Now if it wasn’t for the invention of coffee I would’ve probably conceded and just died. But after my 8 oz. Styrofoam pure-“Columbian”-concoction I am back to normal. And then it hits you. Thanksgiving break begins now.


Havey said...

Note to self: Crap after you pull down your pants.

Havey said...

Note to self: point out the obvious