Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day 2 Wisconsin

If you ever eat at Ricky D's in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, get the Ricky D. If you eat at Mancino's get the stramboli grinder.

If you ever go to a karaoke bar called O'Leary's in Eau Claire, Wisconsin get up and sing, because you are automatically better than everyone.

If you ever get hit on by a woman in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the best way to get rid of her is tell her you have bird flu.

Only in Wisconsin can you buy a beer called
"Moose Nut"

On the left is the baddest band in KC, Big Woody.
They are bad-asses. And they are always at O'Dowds. And that is a good thing. Because O'Dowds always has Strongbow.

Here are some fun links:
This is pretty cool, I own land in 19 states now.
This one is just off a bit.
This picture is from Saturday before Halloween, self-explanatory.


Anonymous said...

I own land in Hawaii Free...and I bought all 50 states on one deed.

tameka said...

who is that dude talking? i'll take my free land thank you