Thursday, November 17, 2005


The Vibe is leaving and who knows what we'll get. Also wanted to mention a scenario that I enjoy.

You know when you are walking down a hall and you are headed right for someone and neither of you break the path you are on. Well here is what I do, I head right for them, proper code would be to apply American road rules, you on the right, them on your left.
However occasionally you have the "run right into each other", when this happens you
A) Put your head down and try to figure out who will go what way.
B) Laugh, almost touch, say some half-hearted apology and part ways.
C) Do the stutter step in the direction you think the other person won't go.
This leads to more issues.
I. Stutter step 1- The single step aside and the pass
II. Stutter step 2- The multiple step confusion (almost a dance) and the pass
III. Stutter step 3- The mutliple step confusion, arm movements, and the pass
IV. Stutter step 4- (Most robust) The multiple step confusion, arm movements that lead to physical contact, and the placement of other person forcefully.

This is something that you can discuss amongst your peers. I would say the best way to avoid these scenarios is to
First, pay fu$%ing attention.
Second, keep your head up, good posture, eyes focused and walk straight.

Earlier post:
So I have a 2006 Pontiac Vibe that is officially horrible. It leaks in rain and finding out this morning, freezes from the inside(thank you Harrah's for making ice scrapers that fit in your wallet). Entreprise, I'm coming back for something else, better be leather interior and not leak. Went to Lancaster, PA for outlet mall shopping last night and was quite happy with the town and its surroundings, barring the seeping water and bad drivers.

I found out this morning that I am in the same county as the teen that killed his girlfriends parents, quite re-assuring to know there are teen murderers lurking about.

New Addiction: Tasty little crackers. TLC, can buy at Target.

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(Best Christmas present ever. I bought 3 of them for people. They are the softest pillows and are really good for lots of things. And by lots of things I mean sleep, perverts.)
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So I am on my umth week of travel and looking forward to the holiday that is rapidly approaching. Next Saturday is the 1st annual McGillin Bar Tour. Should be a blast. Anyone and everyone is invited.

Mr. Blue Sky...please tell us why...

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