Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Vegas Part One

This is the first section of a 2-part series of my Vegas trip, I am currently in Washington D.C. about 4 blocks from the Capital. Expect beautiful snow laden monument pictures tomorrow.

Friday night: $180 worth of gambling, food, booze, tips, etc
Saturday morning: $4 worth of Naked Juice
$2.50 worth of coffee
$1030 worth of winnings from “Wheel-of-Fortune”
Thanks Pat and Vanna, and Juanita, my sole witness.

So I asked her to meet me at the Little White Wedding Chapel at midnight, but she never showed up.

Steve + 40 oz. + Buffalo Chicken Sandwich + Nice Restaurant = Priceless.

Here is the light show in "downtown" Vegas. Very cool, if I was 6 or 95. And if they hadn't played Tutti Frutti I probably would have cussed at a moderate level.

This is the wall of champions at Binion's. Lots of ugly guys win at poker.

When you win $1000 on one slot machine pull you buy crazy shit.
1 $28 t-shirt that says Lucky Fcuk from French Connection
1 $4 Snow globe from the Paris
and 1 $4 Las Vegas Leather fanny pack to hold your winning

Sweet Carolii... I know, I'm gay. But Neil and I had a moment.


aljiowa said...

I live vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

Liking the fanny pack a lot....
Definitely a must in Las Vegas, can't wait for your snow scenerys...

Ciao Tu Guapa...