Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Jersey to Las Vegas

First thing I need you to do: Click on the map of site visitors thing on the right. It will show you a sweet Google map of where you are at that exact second. No pop-ups, just Google map. Cool.
Then once you go there, hit back and read my shit.

So I am working at a client site in New Jersey and these people are funny. They actually laugh from their bellies and have funny smiles, not trying to hide the lipstick on their teeth. They interrupt you and tend to ramble on when telling stories. That being said I would like to take this time to thank the Fairfield Inn for giving me a gymnasium of a room. I feel like I should break out a raquetball raquet and goggles and play a few games.

So tomorrow at noon I am done with work until next Tuesday. I will fly from Vegas to KC on Tuesday and then go to DC for a week.

This being said I have approximately, no exactly, 98 hours in Las Vegas starting tomorrow at 9 p.m. (Thank you to Bank of America for never charging me withdrawal fees.) Now as many of my avid readers, friends, familia, mistresses know I have a penchant for gambling. Not just gambling, but betting. I love it. I can control it, maintain an income, and avidly enjoy it. After saying that, I now can justify taking my past 2-weeks salary and "letting it ride". I won't actually be betting that much, I will probably only bet enough as to allow myself and others to receive free drinks. I will also have pictures galore from this excursion. (And by galore, I mean "of my naked butt")

Alright so this is probably my last post until Saturday sometime. Please click on the link to see where the past 100 people have logged on from, I want to see who's looking at this online-super-secret diary I have.

I also throw out big-ups to Kate and Andy Gold for trying to get knocked up. Hope it works out and I hope I get to be a relative.

Hasta luego guapa. Haaa-looooow.



Havey said...

You Stole the Google map idea from my Site :) at least i know you have been visiting.

Havey said...

Get your own material

Havey said...

Add to your favorite links. The site rocks! trust me

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the shout out...I just read your blog and almost missed it.

Your Truly,