Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Iceland is not Ice, Iceland is molten rock.

Nothing like a bunch of pictures with your friends in front of stuff.

Bad ass mothers.

Havey jumps and Luke tackles. "Not on the artwork Havey, not on the artwork."


Iceland, where they don't pick the donuts until they are really big.
If you take a bus to the rental car place and miss your stop by about 4 miles. Just get off the bus and walk along the busy highway. Just like Mom told me.

If you go to Iceland, you have to go here....

The Blue Lagoon. To sum it up in 100 words or less....
(A model doing a photo shoot not wearing enough clothes, saunas, steam cave, mud bath, waterfall massage, old balls, hot dogs, blue water, steam geyser,

Best waterfall ever. Screw that one in NY.

One of those Discovery Channel places.
Breathing smoke at the Blue Lagoon.

This guy brought the term "bus boy", to a whole other level.

Put you hands in the air, holla batar, holla batar!
Bad ass manhole cover.

After I climbed up this mountain, the car was really far away.

Big cold metal sculpture. Refreshing ocean breeze.

Totally unintentional shot. Rock stacking field. Ocean. North Face fleece.

Nothing like a little molten lava. Iceland, ice. Ha.

When in Iceland, do as the Icelandic, eat fish. But word to the wise, they have a food typical to the island. Rotten shark. We were told by a lady at a coffee shop to try this shark at a market. Suffice to say, rotten shark is an acquired taste.
And my acquisition capabilities are lacking.

Rad Green Leather Couch

It's just better if you don't park your car here. Because hard telling what will happen.

Throwback He-man.

Just call Gunnar Gunnarsson. For what I'm not sure. You can also catch Gunnar on ESPN replays of the 1995 World Strongest Man Contest.

Another infamous Luke mallard close-up.

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